2023 Super Bowl Car Ads: Here’s What Automakers Are Readying For Feb 12


Super Bowl LVII is coming quickly and, as ever, in addition to the teams putting their all into the game, so will advertisers. Those advertisers may not be selling cars this year, though, because a surprising number of automakers will be watching this game from the sidelines.

As of January 28th, Kia was the only automotive brand to have committed to one of the event’s expensive ad slots, with GM joining shortly thereafter. Toyota, Carmax, Carvana, and Vroom, meanwhile, all announced that they would be sitting this game out, saving themselves the roughly $7 million a 30-second ad spot will cost, according to AdAge.

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With a little more than a week left before the Super Bowl, though, there’s still time for other automakers to announce their campaigns ahead of the big game.

Kia Gives Telluride Telly Time

While others chose to spend their money elsewhere, Kia said that the Super Bowl remains an essential part of raising brand awareness for its Telluride. Refreshed for 2023, the brand has upped production of the SUV at its Georgia plant. The first teaser for the ad campaign, released on February 1, features a fallen soother and the tag line, “Find it on 2.12.23.” That’s as cryptic a teaser as it is a baffling one, since it will be advertising a vehicle which is made in a plant whose suppliers have been found guilty of violating child labor laws.

 2023 Super Bowl Car Ads: Here’s What Automakers Are Readying For Feb 12

GM And Will Ferrell Ride Again

In what can only be described as an advertising ouroboros, GM announced this week that it’s partnering with Netflix to advertise the fact that it will be advertising more on the streaming service. The automaker has pledged to put more EVs (many of which it doesn’t yet produce) onscreen in Netflix shows in the future.

More to Come?

While the automotive participation in this year’s Super Bowl appears to be light—with brands like Toyota announcing that the timing of the game did not align with its products this year—more automakers may soon announce their ads. We will continue to update this post as more commercials surface.


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