2026 Rivian R2: What We Think We Know About The Smaller Electric SUV And Pickup Models


This story includes speculative renderings from Carscoops that are neither related nor endorsed to by Rivian.

Rivian Automotive is working to established itself as a major player in the EV market with its R1T pickup and R1S SUV, both of which have been well-received by critics and consumers alike, as well as the adorable Electric Delivery Van (EDV) that’s being built for Amazon in three sizes.

However, the innovative EV company that was founded in California back in 2009, isn’t resting on its laurels and has set its sights on the future with a smaller R2 platform that will form the base for a new, and critically, more affordable lineup of vehicles.

These include a smaller SUV and pickup truck, likely named the R2S and R2T resepectively, which were originally planned to be introduced in 2025 but have since been delayed for at least another year so that its future plant in Georgia would be ready, while also giving the company time to focus on streamlining the production of the existing R1T and R1S. However, this decision hasn’t affected the ongoing development of the smaller and cheaper Rivians.

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Rivian’s upcoming R2 platform was mentioned in a letter to shareholders last June. The company didn’t include many details about the new underpinnings but said it is destined for smaller and more affordable models, in both SUV and pickup bodystyles. Those will slot under the larger and more expensive R1T pickup and R1S SUV in the brand’s lineup, allowing the company to go mainstream and target a broader swath of the market, both in terms of demographics and geographically.

We haven’t seen any prototypes on the road yet, so it’s too early to tell what the new R2s will look like. However, with our input and the help of AI, we tried to envision a few design paths that the SUV and pickup truck model could follow, focusing on a more youthful take on the R1’s aesthetics.

In terms of powertrains, the new R2s will probably use a dual electric motor setup, which in the case of the R1 delivers 600-hp, most likely in different (lower) output variants. Rivian might choose to keep the R1’s Quad-Motor setup producing 835 horsepower and 908 lb-ft (1,320Nm) of torque that allows for a 0-60mph (96km/h) in 3 seconds flat exclusively for the larger models. In any case, those will be combined with smaller capacity 800V batteries that will still allow competitive range figures for the smaller and lighter vehicles.

The Rivian R2 family will be produced in a new $5 billion factory in Georgia, US. The plant is scheduled to open in 2024, starting with the production of another model prior to the debut of the new platform. Mind you, besides the current R1T, R1S, Amazon delivery vans, and the upcoming R2 models, Rivian is also rumored to work on a rugged SUV set to rival the Jeep Wrangler.


The market launch of the Rivian R2 in the US is expected in 2026, while the models could also be offered in Europe as well as other global markets, thanks to their more suitable footprint compared to the American (full) sized R1S and R1T. In a letter to shareholders last November announcing the one-year delay for the launch of the new models, Rivian said: “We expect the R2 platform will unlock a global market opportunity for Rivian and are excited about the early development work that is underway”.

It is possible we will start seeing early development prototypes in 2024 or 2025, giving us a better idea of the model’s styling and proportions. Until then, check out out speculative renderings in the galleries.


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