2027 Dodge Rampage EV: Imagining An Electric Successor To The Durango


This story contains illustrations by Carscoops that are not affiliated with or endorsed by Dodge

As the automotive industry generally, and Stellantis specifically, move increasingly to electrify their fleets, Dodge is being forced to play against type, and adapt its muscle-obsessed branding to the electric future.

Already, the brand has previewed what its next-generation Charger will look like once it goes electric, and the Hornet is expected to come with an electric variant eventually. So we decided to ask what the future might hold for the Dodge Durango.

Between the Hornet, the Charger Daytona SRT Concept, and the Ram Revolution, we think it’s very likely that Dodge would look to introduce the new energy vehicle with a new(ish) name. Being an old-school brand, we thought they might revive a previous nameplate like the Rampage that had been used in the past originally in a small unibody ute back in the early 1980s before resurrecting it for a 2006 concept.

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Similarly, the design of the vehicle, that we created with our guidance through digital software, incorporates a number of classic and current inspirations. Although the front fascia shares some vague similarities to the Durango, the brow and the headlights are pure Hornet, albeit with a little less grille, since this is an EV. The taillights, meanwhile, are all Dodge.

A much more expressive vehicle from the point of view of design lines and shaping, our rendering draws on the muscle cars of Dodge’s past. Its bulging wheel arches and sinewy door panels speak to the flexing musculature that Stellantis’ STLA platform will allow.

Speaking of Stellantis, though, the Rampage concept isn’t exclusively inspired by its American manufacturer. The C-pillars and the roofline, for instance, take some inspiration from the conglomerate’s European brands, with which the Dodge will no doubt have to share some traits, like the Hornet does with the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

What do you think, though? Would you be into an electric Dodge if it looked like this? Is it a worthy successor to the Durango or, dare we ask, an even more exciting followup? Let us know in the comments.


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