A Tesla Steering Wheel Fell Off While Driving – Again


The owner of a Tesla Model Y has taken to Twitter and revealed that the steering wheel of his newly-delivered Model Y fell off while he was driving with his family.

The owner, who goes by the name Preneh24 on Twitter, states that he took delivery of his white Model Y on January 24, 2023, and was driving it on a highway when suddenly, the steering wheel became detached from the steering column. Fortunately, there were no cars traveling behind him and he was able to swiftly pull over next to the central divider.

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A tow truck was called and the vehicle was taken to a Tesla service center. However, the owner’s issues didn’t stop there.

A Tesla representative first reached out to the owner, noting that the Model Y had been received but that it didn’t have any information as to what was wrong with the vehicle (as if the detached steering wheel wasn’t an indication…). After the owner informed Tesla of the issue, the car manufacturer began to investigate and swiftly sent the owner a bill for $103.96 to repair what is quite clearly a manufacturing defect.

Understandably so, the owner didn’t think it was appropriate that he would have to pay for the repairs and the invoice was updated to remove the repair cost.

Preneh24 shared screenshots of his conversation with the Tesla representative on Twitter and asked for a full refund. While the Tesla rep says that the car manufacturer does not have a return policy, he is in touch with the dealership where he purchased the car to try and arrange a refund.

“We lost a trust in Tesla and would greatly appreciate this car be taken back and full refund be issued (sic). I feel safety is more important than tech car,” he wrote.

 A Tesla Steering Wheel Fell Off While Driving – Again


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