Audi Activesphere Concept Starts Stepping Out Of The Shadows, Debuts Jan 26th


Audi has released a revealing new teaser of the Activesphere concept ahead of its debut on January 26th.

Set to become the automaker’s fourth sphere concept, the Activesphere is being billed as an active lifestyle vehicle reinterpreted.  The company went on to say the model will combine “exceptional elegance with impressive performance and immersive, pioneering functionality.”

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 Audi Activesphere Concept Starts Stepping Out Of The Shadows, Debuts Jan 26th

That’s not much to go on, but the latest teaser image reveals the profile and shows the model will blur the line between sedans and crossover coupes.  Details are hard to make out, but we can see recessed headlights and a short hood.  The concept also sports a rakish windscreen that flows into a sloping roof.  Other notable highlights include slender taillights, curvaceous bodywork, and generous ground clearance.

Audi hasn’t said much about the concept at this point, but the teaser campaign kicked off last August when the company said the Activesphere was designed to be electric and capable of automated driving.  The automaker followed up in December saying the concept will provide “ultimate freedom and is the perfect companion for ambitious outdoor adventures” ranging from skiing to water sports.

We’ll learn full details shortly, but the concept follows the Skysphere, Grandsphere, and Urbansphere concepts.  The Skysphere was a stylish roadster, while the Grandsphere was a striking sedan with suicide rear doors.  The Urbansphere, on the other hand, was an electric MPV that could function as either a “rolling lounge or mobile office.”


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