Audi Will Unveil An All-Electric RS6 Next Year


Audi is working on an all-electric version of the RS6 due to be launched in 2024 and it won’t be an electric variant of the current model.

The German car manufacturer is going to base the RS6 e-tron on the upcoming all-electric A6 e-tron underpinned by the VW Group’s PPE platform. While technical details about it aren’t yet known, Audi design boss Marc Lichte recently told Top Gear that it will adopt the same wide stance that the current RS6 has become synonymous with.

“I love the RS6 because I can put bikes inside, skis, so many things. That’s why I love it. And for me, stance,” he said. “It’s always the wide track. And if you think about competitors of Audi, are they in the market right now with performance EVs with the wider track? I would say no. But maybe, at Audi… I tell you, you will love our RS EVs.”

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 Audi Will Unveil An All-Electric RS6 Next Year

Audi A6 e-tron Concept

Lichte went on to state that he presented the designs of Audi’s future electric RS models to “1,000 managers of our group in Berlin,” and that they went “crazy” for them.

We already have a good idea of what to expect from the design of the RS6 e-tron following the introduction of the A6 e-tron concept in early 2021. Lichte says that this concept showed “90 per cent” of the final production-ready A6 e-tron but noted the concept was for the “narrow body” A6, not the RS6.

“And this was very attractive I would say,” he said of the concept. “Very wide, and very sporty. So the [RS6 e-tron] will have definitely a different body, that means different track, different wheel diameter.”

 Audi Will Unveil An All-Electric RS6 Next Year


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