California Bill Could Give Consumers $2,000 To Convert Gas Cars To Electric


As electric vehicles become more popular, so, too, do electromods. And there’s an argument to be made that converting older, less efficient vehicles to electric power is even more beneficial to the environment than building new ones.

To help consumers with their electromods, California State Senator Anthony Portantino introduced Senate Bill 301 this month, which seeks to provide tax incentives of up to $2,000 for vehicle owners who convert their vehicles to electric power.

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“It is essential that we continue to look for new methods and ideas to meet our strong climate goals,” said Senator Portantino, in a statement. SB 301 “will aide conversion by providing a financial rebate for Californians who choose to convert their gas-powered car into an electric vehicle but can’t afford to do so. Cutting edge energy efficiency should not be reserved only for those wealthy enough to afford it.”

EV Conversions Usually Cost Upwards Of $14,000

 California Bill Could Give Consumers $2,000 To Convert Gas Cars To Electric

A Ford F-100 Converted to electric power with the Eluminator crate motor

Portantino argues that, whereas new EVs cost an average of $66,000, converting a gas vehicle to electric power can cost as little as $14,000, though they frequently cost more than that, and require you to own a donor car.

With automakers like Ford and GM coming out with electric crate motors, though, there is certainly going to be growing interest in electromodding cars in the future. Just how much a bill like this would benefit low-income earners is questionable, though, as most of the electromods on the market are currently based on classics and frequently carry six-figure price tags.

Portantino says, though, that the California Air Resources Board will develop guidelines for how best to implement the bill if it passes. The regulator will be responsible for defining eligible applicants, eligible conversion kits, income limits, and more.

In addition, the senator argues that the bill will support the EV conversion industry, creating green jobs at small shops around the state. Understandably, it is, therefore, being sponsored by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA).

“The aftermarket is a leader in innovation, and that includes in zero-emissions technologies,” said SEMA President and CEO Mike Spagnola. “SB 301 creates opportunities for our California-based small businesses, their employees and consumers to build and have access to affordable zero-emissions vehicles.”

California residents who support this bill can make their enthusiasm known by sending a letter to their local official. A template for such a letter is offered by the SEMA Action Network.

 California Bill Could Give Consumers $2,000 To Convert Gas Cars To Electric


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