Cayenne Overtakes Macan To Help Porsche Offset Production Woes And Post 3% Sales Rise In 2022


There were winners and losers in Porsche’s battle with production holdups during 2022 but overall the firm came out ahead, posting a 3 percent rise in sales.

Porsche sold 309,884 cars last year, compared with 301,915 cars in 2021, itself a record busting year for the firm. SUVs once again took the lion’s share of sales, but the ageing Cayenne leapfrogged its even older, but recently facelifted, Macan little brother to become the most popular model. Macan sales dropped slightly from 88,362 to 86,724, while Cayenne deliveries jumped from 83,071 to 95,604.

Interest in the evergreen 911 swelled its output by 5 percent, pushing sales from 38,464 to 40,410, but sales of the 718 Boxster fell from 20,502 to 18,203. The real loser though, was the Taycan. Sales of the EV collapsed by 16 percent to 34,081 units, a situation Porsche blames on supply chain bottlenecks and a shortage of crucial components.

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Porsche also hints that the same issues contributed to U.S. sales remaining stagnant at 79,260, which is disappointing considering the 22 percent growth that market posted the previous year, a fact that helped explain 2021’s strong overall numbers.

China sales also fell back slightly, dropping 3 percent to 93,286, but there was better news in other markets. European sales were up 7 percent to 62,685 cars and deliveries to emerging markets grew by 13 percent to 45,141. Click here to view the best inventory of porsche macan used 2018

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The sales figures read well, particularly in the light of the production problems affecting the auto industry, including a shortage of semiconductors and parts supply problems stemming from the war in Ukraine. But the number that really matters, particularly now that Porsche is a publicly traded company, is Porsche’s profit during 2022. We don’t yet know what that is, but the fact that two of its highest value and most profitable models, the 911 and the Cayenne, both found more buyers last year suggests investors won’t be grumbling.

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