EarthCruiser Is Making A Slide-In Camper For Electric Pickups


EarthCruiser is working on a new EV camper designed specifically for electric pickups. This slide-in camper intends to blend lightweight aerodynamic designs with rugged off-road-ready build quality. Electric trucks present a unique challenge for overlanding enthusiasts and EarthCruiser thinks it has a few solutions.

EVs are still saddled with the fear of range anxiety and unlike their ICE counterparts, they can’t just carry a few cans of fuel with them wherever they go. On top of that, adding a trailer or in this case, a camper will diminish that range even further. For EarthCruiser, the solution is building a light camper that won’t create as much drag as competitors.

“There are many similarities with our current EarthCruiser habitat and one that would be required to function with an electric platform. It’s critical to maximize efficiency in order to allow vehicles to go further. Managing limited storable on-board energy capacity, operating within acceptable range envelope and staying safe and comfortable is the essence of an overlanding vehicle and we have been doing that for years,” said EarthCruiser Founder Lance Gillies.

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 EarthCruiser Is Making A Slide-In Camper For Electric Pickups

For now, the company is light on details. Pricing, exact specs, features, and more are going to come out later this year says the company. Don’t expect the finished product to be an inexpensive one. EarthCruiser’s flagship FX vehicle starts at $595,000. Those interested in securing an EV Camper can put down a deposit of $100 to save their spot in line when it goes into production.

What’s interesting is that EarthCruiser says that the EV Camper will also work on internal combustion trucks. With that in mind, buyers could secure the camper before ever buying an EV and then transition it if or when that time comes. For the time being, it’s gathering information from customers about what truck they plan to use with the camper.

If EarthCruiser’s images surrounding the EV Camper are anything to go by it’s likely that the Rivian R1T will be compatible. We expect a version that’ll work with the Ford F-150 Lightning as well as the Chevrolet Silverado EV and the GMC Hummer too.

 EarthCruiser Is Making A Slide-In Camper For Electric Pickups


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