FIA confirms Ford and Honda among six engine manufacturers signed up for 2026 | 2026 F1 season


The FIA has confirmed six engine manufacturers have signed up to produce power units for the forthcoming set of regulations which will arrive in 2026.

All six have completed the registration process to act as power unit suppliers for the 2026 to 2030 seasons.

All the sport’s current competitors have signed up, including Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains and Ferrari SpA. Alpine Racing, whose engines are currently branded by owner Renault, are also registered.

Red Bull have signed up as Red Bull Ford, following today’s announcement of their new partnership. Red Bull’s former power unit supplier Honda, who will continue to supply technical support to them until the end of 2025, has also registered. However the Japanese manufacturer has not yet confirmed which teams it will supply.

The sixth manufacturer which has completed the registration process for 2026 is Audi, which announced last year it will team up with Sauber, which currently runs Alfa Romeo’s F1 team, when the new regulations come into force.

“The confirmation that there will be six power unit manufacturers competing in Formula 1 from 2026 is testament to the strength of the championship and the robust technical regulations that have been diligently created by the FIA in close collaboration with Formula 1 and the power unit manufacturers,” said FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

“The power unit is at the forefront of technological innovation, making the future of Formula 1 more sustainable while maintaining the spectacular racing. I am grateful for the confidence of world-leading automotive manufacturers demonstrated by their commitment to Formula 1.”

F1’s new power units for 2026 will run on sustainable fuel and feature more powerful hybrid drive systems.

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