Ford Teases Performance-Focused F-150 Lightning Concept


A few days ago Ford Performance announced a new pickup concept from the “EV Performance Demonstrators” series, but today the company is back with a new and more revealing teaser. Ford’s CEO Jim Farley published a single photo on his Twitter where he partially uncovers the F-150-based concept, joined by Red Bull F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

Predictably, the truck is based on the Ford F-150 Lightning, but features a wild bodykit and sits considerably closer to the ground. We can see the wider front and rear fenders and the aerodynamic front bumper with additional intakes and light blue accents. The rest of the bodywork is covered but there is a hint of an extra component on the rear bed, possibly for improving the truck’s aerodynamic performance.

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The tweet doesn’t reveal any of the truck’s technical specifications but promises we will learn more about it soon. However, judging from the rest of the “EV Performance Demonstrators” it is safe to assume it will have a four-digit power output figure and a track-focused chassis setup. Previous concepts from the series included the SuperVan, the Mustang Mach-E 1400, the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400, and the F-100 Eliminator concept. The most powerful of them all was the mighty Supervan, producing 1,973 hp (1,471 kW / 2,000 PS).

The goal of the concepts is to showcase the potential of EVs in terms of performance and excitement, so none of them is destined for production.

Ford recently announced its big return in F1 as a powertrain provider for Red Bull starting in 2026, which explains why Daniel Ricciardo had the privilege to see the truck. Hopefully, a proper unveiling will take place sometime in the next few weeks.


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