Geely Teases A Sleek New Electric Sedan Debuting This Year


Geely already has a strong presence in China’s electric vehicle market but has just teased yet another EV, taking the form of an electric sedan.

While much of the car’s design is shrouded in darkness in these images, we can still get a pretty good idea of what it looks like. Up front, for example, it’s impossible not to notice the sharp LED daytime running lights. Little else of the front end is visible although a front three-quarter image does reveal that the EV will have a pronounced lower bumper section.

The side profile is also very striking. We can see that the EV has a very long hood as well as a sloping roofline and tapered C-pillars that remind us of those from the Porsche Taycan. It also appears as though the new Geely will have illuminated door handles that sit flush with the bodywork. The positioning of the rear door handles also suggests that the EV will have suicide doors at the rear.

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Little has been shown of the EV’s rear-end, other than the presence of split LED light bars.

Car News China reports that the new vehicle will be around 4,900 mm (192.2 inches) long, making it slightly larger than the BYD Seal but a touch smaller than the Zeekr 001.

The EV may be underpinned by Geely’s SEA architecture already used by vehicles from the Zeekr, Smart, Jidu, Radar, Polestar, and Lotus brands. The use of an existing platform, as well as the possible use of a battery pack and electric motors sourced from other Geely brands, will inevitably help to reduce costs and accelerate the development and launch of the vehicle.

Geely isn’t just launching one new EV either. Indeed, it is planning a series of new EVs to join this sedan. Local media suggests that entry-level vehicles will be sold under the Geometry brand, mid-range vehicles will be sold as Geely models, and flagship models will be sold through the Zeekr brand.


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