GM Design’s Latest Sketch Sure Looks Like A Small Chevy Pickup


A very interesting sketch of a what appears to be a compact or small two-door pickup was published on Instagram by the official General Motors Design account. No surprise then that it’s fueling rumors about a smaller and more affordable EV truck that could be offered by one of GM’s brands in the US market.

The sketch, created by GM designer Logan Phillips, shows a vehicle with utilitarian styling. The single-cab pickup has two doors with visible hinges, boxy wheel arches, a flat bonnet, and a grille-less face with modern LED headlights. The lack of intakes at the front hints at a fully electric powertrain, which would likely make room for extra storage in the frunk.

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The sketch is free of any badges but judging from the styling language, it could very well work as a Chevrolet. The small pickup is depicted with large-diameter alloy wheels shod in grippy all-terrain tires. Combined with the generous ground clearance, the short overhangs, and an electric AWD system, the pickup could be pretty capable off the beaten track – if it ever escaped the digital world.

According to recent reports, GM is considering a small pickup with an electric powertrain and an affordable price tag. It has been reported that a prototype of the truck has been seen inside the GM Design studio in Michigan looking “futuristic and sporty”. Sources suggest that it had two doors, a low roofline, and a rear bed measuring between 4 and 4.5 feet long.

The designers are currently gauging US customers’ interest in such a small vehicle so the project is not yet green-lit and could change direction based on the reaction. Below, you can see the rendering we created for a Chevrolet-badged two-door pickup which looks more sporty and road-focused than the vehicle in the above sketch.

Thanks to EDJ for the tip!

 GM Design’s Latest Sketch Sure Looks Like A Small Chevy Pickup

Carscoops render for a small Chevy pickup truck


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