Honda Electrifies Cub, DAX, And ZOOMER Classic Mopeds For Chinese Buyers


Honda has unveiled a trio of new electric bicycles catered towards young consumers in China.

All three are inspired by classic mopeds produced by Honda and are dubbed the Cub e, DAX e, and ZOOMER e. They fall into the electric bicycle category in China as they all have a top speed of 25 km/h or less.

The new Honda Cub e looks much like the original but has been given a more modern look. It rides on a set of black six-spoke wheels, has a small headlight, a fender over the front wheel, a black seat, and is pictured in a two-tone cream and white finish.

 Honda Electrifies Cub, DAX, And ZOOMER Classic Mopeds For Chinese Buyers

Similarly, the Honda Dax e shares many design traits with its combustion-powered predecessor but has a host of modern touches. It has black handlebars, black wheels, a black rear fender, and could be the perfect companion for short commutes.

Last but not least is the Honda ZOOMER e. It has arguably the most quirky design of the three with small black wheels and meatier tires, black handlebars, an exposed black frame, and an altogether cute and eye-catching shape.

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Honda says that electric bicycles like these are growing in popularity among Gen Z consumers in China. These three bikes form part of Honda’s goal of introducing more than 10 electric motorcycles globally by 2025.

While we’re sure the three EVs could prove to be popular in other markets, Honda has no plans to sell them outside of China, not even in Japan.


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