Hyundai Launches New Evolve+ Subscription Program For Kona EV And Ioniq 5


Hyundai will give vehicle subscriptions a go with its newly announced Evolve+ service. Consumers will be offered the ability to drive either the Kona EV or the Ioniq 5 for one, all-inclusive monthly fee.

For the Kona EV, the customers will have to pay $699 per month, while the Ioniq 5 will cost from $899 for the SE RWD model. The service will offer month-to-month subscribers insurance, 1,000 miles (1,609 km), maintenance, registration, and roadside assistance. Hyundai says that, unlike some other subscription service, subscribers only need to commit to a one-month term and cancel at any time.

“We’ve prioritized simplicity and flexibility with the subscription process, allowing customers to place orders and renew on their own terms on their own time all via smartphone,” said Olabisi Boyle, vice president of product planning and mobility strategy, Hyundai Motor North America. “With no paperwork, no commitment and no long-term loan, Evolve+ is an optimal solution for the ‘EV-curious’ car shopper.”

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2022 IONIQ 5 SE RWD Purchase Lease* Rental^ Evolve+ Subscription
Down Payment $0 $0 $0 $0
Monthly Payment $850 $609 $2,479 Variable from$899
Acquisition / Admin Fee $- $650 N/A $300
Maintenance 3 yrs./36K miIncluded 3 yrs./36K miIncluded Not included Included
Insurance Not included Not included Not included Included
Disposition Fee $- $400 (one time) N/A $-
Monthly miles allowed Not Limited 1,000 Unlimited 1,000
Required Commitment 6 years 3 years 28 days 28 days

Hyundai says that it is targeting any consumers who may need a car for a short period of time with Evolve+. That includes “snowbirds” who travel south for months at a time, as well as people who are just curious about EVs and want to try one out for a short period of time before committing to buying one.

“As we know, living with an EV is really an educational process,” said Gary Rome, an Evolve+ pilot dealer. “Evolve+ gives our customers the opportunity to try an electric vehicle and see if it is right for their lifestyle. Evolve+ makes it really easy for a consumer to drive an EV in a more flexible way.”

Evolve+ will also use a newly designed app, through which customers can make payments and choose their car. The no haggle process means that the only interaction subscribers will have to have with dealers is picking up and dropping off their EV.

The new subscription service is currently available in seven cities across in six states, and Hyundai plans to expand it further.

Updated Bluelink+ Connected Car Tech For 2023

The automaker announced the new service today at the Chicago Auto Show where it also announced Bluelink+, an improved version of its connected car technology, that will first be offered to buyers of the Ioniq 6.

Building on the legacy of Bluelink, the new service will offer owners complimentary Auto Collision Assistance, SOS Assistance, Remote Diagnostics, Maintenance Reminders, over-the-air ECU updates, and more.

The service combines what was once a trio of connected services into a single app, and also makes services like the Connected Care, Remote, and Guidance packages (which used to cost $9.90 per month) free, potentially saving consumers up to $356 per year.


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