Is The Rising Auto R7 An Electric SUV That Chinese Buyers Should Consider?


It is no secret that the electric vehicle market is booming in China with new vehicles being unveiled on what seems like a weekly basis. The Rising Auto R7 is one of the latest.

For those that don’t know, Rising Auto is a brand from SAIC Motor and its R7 was previewed by the ES33 concept at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. Looking at the spec sheet, it looks to be a very solid performer but as we have learned to understand over the years, there is always more to a car than what its specifications suggest.

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The specs of the R7 are certainly impressive. It is available with a 77 kWh and a 90 kWh battery pack that power a pair of electric motors delivering 544 hp and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) of torque in the flagship model. That’s a lot of power and during a recent review of the SUV, Wheelsboy notes that it is very quick. However, it leaves a little to be desired when it comes to braking performance. Improvements could also be made to the ride.

It does have a lot going for it, however. The highlight of the interior are the three screens up front, arranged in an almost identical manner to those found within Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX Hyperscreen. It consists of a 10.25-inch digital gauge cluster, a 15-inch infotainment display, and a 12.3-inch screen for the passenger. The reviewer notes that fit and finish and material quality are on par with its competitors.

Other highlights of the Rising Auto R7 include its implementation of Huawei’s augmented reality Head-Up Display and a LiDAR system from U.S.-based Luminar Technologies.


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