Mercedes EQ Baby Electric Sedan Keeps Us Guessing


Mercedes was slower out of blocks than BMW in the EV race, but it’s more than made up for it with an entire family of EQ-badged electric cars. And that family will soon grow even bigger with the launch of the small electric sedan hidden under this camo wrap.

Okay, maybe not that soon. The new Benz MMA electrified platform that will underpin this baby sedan won’t be ready before 2024 at the earliest, and the heavy disguise this prototype is wearing tells us we won’t be seeing it in a showroom in the next 18 months.

When Mercedes does finally peel the camouflage away we’re hoping to see something that bears at least some resemblance to 2022’s stunning EQXX concept, and will certainly employ some clever aero tricks to maximize the efficiency of its electric drivetrain.

The MMA architecture is designed to accommodate combustion engines when needed, but in many cases, it will be deployed in full EVs as Mercedes strides toward 2030. The automaker has pledged to go all-electric by the end of the decade, except in a handful of markets that steadfastly refuse to exclusively switch to EVs.

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 Mercedes EQ Baby Electric Sedan Keeps Us Guessing

Believed to measure around 185 inches (4.7 m) from bumper to bumper, which would make it the same size as a Tesla Model 3 and also the newly facelifted CLA, which it could effectively replace, the secret sedan will be a lynchpin in what Mercedes calls the ‘Entry Luxury’ class. The firm is actually slimming down its activity in this sector, reducing the number of models as it pushes upmarket to focus on more expensive (and more profitable) models, but Mercedes still clearly feels that an electric sedan is a must-have even in a market obsessed with SUVs and crossovers.

It’s not only the styling of what is likely to be a 2025MY sedan that Mercedes is keeping close to its chest. We’re also not sure what it will be called. EQA Coupe might seem like a strong candidate, but Mercedes recently announced it would begin phasing out its EQ electric branding starting in 2024.

Image Credits: Baldauf for CarScoops


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