Mercedes EQG Spied As A Quad-Motor, Electric Off-Road Beast


The Mercedes EQ lineup has the emotional appeal of a bar of soap, but that’s about to change as the company is gearing up to launch the all-new EQG.

Previewed by a concept in 2021, the production model is instantly recognizable as a G-Class as it features a boxy and timeless design.  While the prototype closely resembles its ICE-powered counterpart, the EV is slated to adopt a fully enclosed grille and a charging port where the fuel filler is located.  

Additional changes are limited, but we can see unique rear fender flares with vertical openings.  These were curiously absent on previous prototypes and could be aerodynamic aids.  However, at the end of the day, the EQG will still be a brick.

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 Mercedes EQG Spied As A Quad-Motor, Electric Off-Road Beast

Mercedes hasn’t revealed much about the model at this point, but the company has already confirmed it will ride on a familiar ladder frame and feature an independent front suspension as well as a rigid rear axle.  The EQG will also come equipped with four electric motors, a G-Turn mode, and all the off-road capability that fans have come to expect.  Speaking of the latter, Mercedes has said the battery pack will provide a low center of gravity, while the electric motors will have “enormous pulling power and controllability – which also proves to be an advantage on steep slopes and deep terrain.”

While performance specifications remain a mystery, Mercedes announced the EQG will be offered with an optional battery pack that uses a silicon anode chemistry from Sila.  When it was announced last year, the automaker said Sila’s technology allows for a 20-40% increase in energy density and enables vehicles to “store much more energy in the same space,” thus increasing their range by a “significant amount.”

Pictures: CarPix for CarScoops


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