Mini Ferrari Testa Rossa J Gets Three More Prancing Horses With New Pacco Gara Edition


The Little Car Company has expanded its range of 75 percent scale models inspired by the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, with the introduction of a limited edition called the Testa Rossa J Pacco Gara.

The term “Pacco Gara,” meaning “race package” in Italian, promises more power, racing-inspired features, and an even closer collaboration with Ferrari. The most significant update is a software improvement that increases the power of the electric motor from 12 kW (16 hp/16.3 PS) to 14 kW (18.7 hp/19 PS).

The company doesn’t say how much oomph that will add to the car, but the standard Testa Rossa J can achieve a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), so the addition of three extra horses will likely make an impact.

That may explain why the Pacco Gara special edition also adds a racing roll cage. The roll hoop is a bolt-on addition so that it can be easily removed, if you prefer the cleaner aesthetics of the car without it.

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 Mini Ferrari Testa Rossa J Gets Three More Prancing Horses With New Pacco Gara Edition

Additionally, the special edition car comes with real Sabelt racing harnesses. Made by the brand that makes harnesses for full-size Ferrari racecars, the belts are attached directly to the chassis and the roll hoop.

Helping you stay aware of your surroundings, meanwhile, the Pacco Gara adds a side mirror and spotlights in the grille to the Testa Rossa J. These are period-correct additions to the car that help improve the immersion of the driver.

Even racier still, the Pacco Garra adds adjustable dampers and brake bias. That allows owners to set their Testa Rossa J up like a real race team, tuning the car for different tracks and situations. Drilled brake rotors and a faster steering ratio also help create a racier feel for the new special edition model.

“Our team has worked meticulously to ensure that each new feature of the Pacco Gara enhances the driving experience of the Testa Rossa J,” said Ben Hedley, The Little Car Company CEO. “Every element of the Pacco Gara has been developed with, and signed off by, the team at Maranello and is focused on paying homage to one of history’s great racers, while also offering drivers a substantial, tangible taste of what it feels like to be behind its wheel.”

Once again, the Little Car Company has collaborated closely on the design of the Testa Rossa J Pacco Gara, using real Ferrari leather throughout the interior and on the new tonneau cover. The name of the model, meanwhile, was chosen specifically by the Ferrari team.

No information has been released regarding pricing or the number of units that will be produced of this limited edition model, but if you’re interested, you can reach out to the company directly on its website. It’s worth noting that the original Testa Rossa J was limited to just 299 examples, each priced at a staggering €93,000 ($99,675 USD based on current exchange rates.


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