Nissan Might Build An Electric Frontier As It Kills The Titan


The Nissan Titan is very likely on the chopping block in the not-so-distant future. While it never took off in the way that Nissan hoped, the smaller Frontier has continued to be a modest success. New reports suggest that as the Titan exits production an all-electric midsize pickup could be in the pipeline at Nissan.

For almost a year now, there have been reports that the Titan was on its way out. Nissan certainly hasn’t doused those flames either as no teasers or hints at a next-gen Titan have surfaced either. One thing the Japanese automaker has done is unveil the Surf-Out all-electric pickup concept seen in our lead image.

A new report from AutoNews suggests that the Surf-Out could be an indicator of things to come. Tyler Slade, Chairman of the Nissan Dealer Advisory Board, says that dealers are asking for an all-electric midsize pickup truck. While it’s plausible that Nissan could create an all-new badge to go along with it, simply branching off of the existing Frontier model makes sense.

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 Nissan Might Build An Electric Frontier As It Kills The Titan

“The Frontier Hardbody has been a part of Nissan’s brand for decades,” Slade said. “It’s logical to bring an electric version.” There’s a further incentive for buyers in the truck market to consider as well. “Trucks typically get the worst gas mileage,” he said. “So, making them electric will reduce operating costs.”

If Nissan does indeed go the route of a mid-sized EV pickup we certainly don’t expect it to look identical to the Surf-Out. That design study is full of features that wouldn’t make it to production but it does give us some idea of what the automaker might be considering.

When it debuted the vehicle in 2021, it did so with three other concepts, the Max-Out, Chill-Out, and Hang-Out. All were part of the brand’s long-term plan aimed at electrification. It aims to introduce 23 electrified models by 2030 including 15 that are fully battery-electric. Small pickups are becoming more popular right now so perhaps this could be a much bigger win for Nissan than the Titan ever was.


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