Oil Giant BP Is Getting Serious About EV Charging


British Petroleum’s EV charging unit, BP Pulse, has put in a large order of charging stations from Tritium Charging. The order is the manufacturer’s largest ever and will see chargers installed in the United States, Europe, and Australia under the BP Pulse brand.

The precise size of the order has not been revealed, but Tritium says that it comes as part of a multi-year contract that was announced in April 2022. It will supply BP Pulse with a mix of 50 kW RTM and 150 kW PKM chargers.

Tritium calls the 50 kW RTM charger one of the most advanced DC chargers available today. Its modular design is intended to make it suitable for dealerships, retail locations, hotels, and other public spaces. The 150 kW PKM model, meanwhile, is designed for fleets and heavy commercial use.

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 Oil Giant BP Is Getting Serious About EV Charging

“Tritium envisions a world in which fast EV charging is everywhere,” said Jane Hunter, Tritium CEO. “We’re grateful to the BP team for their order and look forward to working together to support BP Pulse as they build a reliable, accessible fast charging network around the world.”

Tritium will manufacture the charging stations in two locations. The units that are intended for the U.S. and Europe will be produced at its plant in Lebanon, Tennessee, while those intended for Australia will be produced in Brisbane.

“As BP’s EV charging infrastructure grows worldwide, Tritium is a natural choice for this order,” said Richard Bartlett, the CEO of BP Pulse. “Tritium has a global presence and industry-leading DC fast charging technology—we’re looking forward to putting these chargers to work across three continents.”

Just the latest oil and gas giant to make a recent move into the EV charging space, Shell this week announced the purchase of Volta, an ad-supported charging network in the U.S. BP Pulse, meanwhile, was formed following the U.K. company’s acquisition of Amply power, in 2021.

 Oil Giant BP Is Getting Serious About EV Charging


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