One Man Is Building A Model 3-Based Cyber Roadster Inspired By Future Tesla Products


Tesla says that the Cybertruck will go into production this year and others have speculated that the Roadster will do the same. One man in California has used both cars as inspiration for a custom creation he’s calling the Cyber Roadster and it’ll probably be done before either of its muses.

The man behind this project is David Andreyev. He’s the same guy who a few months ago built a Cybertruck tribute vehicle out of a hacked up Toyota Prius C. He’s since finished and put that vehicle up for sale. The Cyber Roadster is his main focus now on the YouTube Channel Cyber Hooligan.

At its core, it’s a dual-motor Tesla Model 3. The finished product will look completely different though as Andreyev is changing most of the body panels. The finished car has only two doors, a unique swept-back windshield, a totally different charging port location, and more.

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In a series of videos, we’ve been able to watch as the build has started to take shape. Despite its name, this Cyber Roadster so far looks a lot like the sleek two-door sports car that Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled back in 2017. It’s missing all of the hard creases and edges from the Cybertruck too.

Still, there are a few sharper vents and lighting spaces along with a light bar in the rear that nod to the pickup truck. There’s still room left for other changes too as the rear half of the car still needs a finalized design. In the last two videos of the series, Andreyev works through some of the growing pains there.

To be clear, building a single car is orders of magnitude easier than creating a production car of any sort. We’re just impressed at how quickly this particular project has come together. It’s clear that the finished product will be eye-catching and combine aspects of both designs. We’re looking forward to seeing it then.

Image Credit: Cyber Hooligan


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