Pepsi’s Tesla Semi Spotted Apparently Broken Down


Just weeks after receiving some of the first Tesla Semis out of the production line, the Pepsi company appears to have already been forced to say goodbye to one of its trucks. Photos posted to Reddit last week seem to show a Pepsi-branded Tesla Semi truck being towed away from the soda company’s bottling center.

A pair of photos posted to the r/RealTesla subreddit show a Semi close behind a big-rig tow truck. According to the post, the photos were taken in Sacramento, California, near a Pepsi Bottling Company location.

Pepsi was among the first companies to take delivery of the Tesla Semis at a delivery event held on December 1. At the time, the automaker did not make clear how much the Semi costs, how many it intends to make in the coming year, or even how many it was delivering that night, making it frustratingly hard to get a feel of the whole situation.

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The long-delayed Semi was first unveiled in 2017, and spent years in development, suffering at least one breakdown on a public road shortly before the December delivery event. In October, a Semi was photographed immobile, on a highway on-ramp near Fremont, California, where Tesla operates a factory.

The exact reasons for that apparent breakdown are, as you would expect with Tesla, still not clear, nor is the context behind the photos of the Pepsi Semi apparently being towed away, but we have reached out to both Tesla and Pepsi for more information and will update this story if we hear back. Tesla’s history of quality issues, and its newness in the field of semi-truck production, are leading many on Twitter to expect the worst, though.

Tesla claims the Semi has an all-electric range of 500 miles (805 km) per charge, can haul up to 82,000 lbs (37,194 kg), and will have megawatt charging capabilities to help refill its massive batteries faster. That technology will also make its way into other vehicles, like the Cybertruck.


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