Prior Design Wants To Spiff Up The VW ID. Buzz


The VW ID .Buzz is one of the coolest new electric vehicles launched in recent memory and soon, German tuner Prior Design could make it even more appealing.

When VW made the decision to not only create an all-electric minivan but also one that acts as a spiritual successor to the original Type 2 Kombi/Microbus, we’re sure its designers and engineers were under a huge amount of pressure to create something that stands the test of time. Somehow, they’ve done just that.

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In a bid to make the ID. Buzz stand out even more, Prior Design has made a series of changes that aren’t over-the-top, yet still have a great impact on the overall appearance of the EV.

 Prior Design Wants To Spiff Up The VW ID. Buzz

These changes start with a lower front grille section that has been blacked out as opposed to the body-colored grille of the standard model, and a front lip spoiler while also lowering the overall ride height of the van.

Our favorite alteration made is the new turbofan-like wheels that suit the retro design of the VW to a tee. Extended side skirts with small aerodynamic flics are also a welcome addition. Found at the rear of the minivan are a roof-mounted spoiler, a new bumper, and a rear diffuser.

Prior Design has welcomed its fans to provide their feedback about its proposed modifications for the ID. Buzz, and it could start actually developing and manufacturing a kit later this year.


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