Rivian Loses A Number Of High-Ranking Executives


A number of high-ranking executives have left Rivian Automotive in recent months in what proved to be a challenging year for the brand.

Key employees to have walked away throughout 2022 was Rivian’s vice president of body and interior engineering Randy Frank, vice president in charge of parts purchasing Steve Gawronski, senior director in the strategy team Patrick Hunt, and Rivian’s general counsel Neil Sitron who had been with the carmaker for 4.5 years.

While the electric automaker isn’t commenting on the departures of these executives, Rivian chief operating officer Frank Klein told employees in a November email that following the departure of Steve Gawronski the company would make a series of organizational changes to prepare it for the coming years. This includes reorganizing its supply-chain management, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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 Rivian Loses A Number Of High-Ranking Executives

Rivian has grown rapidly in recent years, expanding from a team of approximately 1,200 in 2019 to around 14,000 last summer.

The car manufacturer recently revealed that it produced 24,337 vehicles throughout 2022, slightly less than its target of 25,000. Of these, 20,332 were delivered to customers and some 10,020 were manufactured in the final three months of 2022. Rivian had started off 2022 with a goal of producing 50,000 vehicles but had to cut that estimate in half due to supply-chain disruptions and parts shortages.

Rivian has not yet announced its financial results for the full 2022 calendar year but at the end of Q3, reported a net loss of $5 billion during the first nine months of the year. At the end of September, it also had $13.8 billion in cash and cash equivalents compared with $15.46 billion at the end of June 2022.

 Rivian Loses A Number Of High-Ranking Executives


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