Rivian Reportedly Working On Their First E-Bike


Right now, Rivian only has two vehicles in their lineup, the R1T and the R1S (not counting the Electric Delivery Van for Amazon). Now it looks like they might be adding a third, but rather than another truck or SUV, it will reportedly be an electric bike.

According to Bloomberg, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe told staff at a companywide meeting that an electric bike is in the works, though he didn’t specify whether that was referring to a bicycle or a motorcycle. Nevertheless, Scaringe reportedly said that “a small group of engineers is actively working on it.”

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 Rivian Reportedly Working On Their First E-Bike

In all likelihood, it will probably be a bicycle assuming the project actually ends up coming to life. Rivian is a small company, and developing a motorcycle from the ground up is a heavy undertaking when you have passenger vehicles to produce. Additionally, Scaringe mentioned his enthusiasm for the electric bicycle segment in an interview back in October 2021, and trademark filings from three months later also indicate that this project is most likely a bicycle.

Many other car companies have their own electric bikes, but the prospect of a Rivian one seems to fit better with their outdoorsy, adventure-focused ethos than some of the other automaker-branded ones on the market.

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 Rivian Reportedly Working On Their First E-Bike

Rather than a typical e-bike, we’d love to see Rivian implement a folding design to stow in the vehicle, similar to what Honda did with the Motocompo in the trunk of the City hatchback from the ’80s. In fact, as pointed out by a commenter on a Reddit post discussing the bike, something like the R1T’s gear tunnel would be perfect for such an application. However, if this idea does end up coming to life, knowing Rivian’s image, it would likely be some type of mountain bike, which would need more robustness than a folding design could offer.


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