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In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says their 2023 car “will be better” than last season as their technical team now have a season’s worth of experience working together.

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Steiner confident new Haas “will be better” than 2022

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says their 2023 car “will be better” than last year’s car as their technical team now have a season’s worth of experience working together.

The team finished eighth in the constructors’ championship after forgoing any development of their 2021 car to prioritise the rules changes of 2022. Steiner told Speedcafe that the team’s new car will benefit from the factory team having gelled together over the last year.

“Our technical team, which is designing the car, when they started to design the ’22 car in ’21, it was a lot of good people, but they didn’t work as a team together before,” Steiner explained.

“Now they have done one car – and it wasn’t a bad car, I must say – but now they’ve worked a year together. They work as a team now, so I think the next car will be better. We achieved a lot. Obviously the result in the end – finishing eighth – am I completely happy? Not really. But in the end it’s a good starting point for going forward. Haas F1 is here to stay. We are solid and I think we just can get better from now on.”

Daytona 24 hours helps IndyCar drivers prepare for new season – Kirkwood

IndyCar driver who races in the Daytona 24 hours do so to help prepare themselves for the start of the IndyCar season, says Kyle Kirkwood.

Kirkwood, who will be racing a Lexus sportscar in the GTD class alongside Aaron Telitz, Frankie Montecalvo and Parker Thompson, will be enter into his second season of IndyCar in 2022 and will compete for Andretti. Asked if the Daytona endurance race will help to “knock off the rust” of the off-season, Kirkwood said “yeah, that’s exactly right – and that’s why we all do it.

“It’s a lot of fun to do that race too, he continued. “You’re racing against a bunch of drivers that you’re kind of cut-throat with when you come into the IndyCar Series and you could kind of relax a little bit and have fun with it. Sometimes you’re actually driving with one of your competitors in IndyCar. So it’s a cool thing to do, it’s a lot of fun. But it is definitely wearing on you as a person doing a 24 hour race because it’s hard to switch your mind out of a sprint race mentality and then go into the night. Tying to fall asleep is next to impossible. So you’re you’re definitely worn out by the end of that race.”

The Daytona 24 Hours takes place on Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th of January.

Maserati willing to defy FIA with pride stance

The Maserati Formula E team say they will continue to show support for the LGBTQ+ community with the use of pride flag colours on their car despite the FIA’s recent

The FIA have amended their International Sporting Code for 2023, including an article that prohibits drivers from “the general making and display of political, religious and personal statements or comments notably in violation of the general principle of neutrality promoted by the FIA”. The new article appears to be a response to F1 drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel’s statements in support of human rights and environmental concerns in recent years.

Maserati team principal James Rossiter says that team – which will debut in the opening round in Mexico City next weekend after transitioning from Venturi – will continue to be vocal about their values.

“I think that from the team’s perspective obviously we’ve kept in line with that,” said Rossiter. “We’ve celebrated pride and we intend to celebrate the month of pride again this year. And then there’s very strong morals in our team. We will take do it properly – stand up for what we believe in and make sure we use our unique platform on a global basis to share our voice and our opinions.”

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