Tesla Accidentally Shows CCS Compatible ‘Magic Dock’ That Can Charge Other EVs


In just the latest example of Tesla introducing new products late, the CCS-compatible charging station that was supposed to be introduced in 2021, allowing any EV to top up their battery at its charging stations, may just have been teased.

Screenshots, allegedly taken from the Tesla app and posted to Twitter by @brandenflasch, show an updated supercharger design that he proposes may be the “Magic Dock,” pointing out that the new darkened dock looks like the CCS-compatible port that can be found in Europe.

On that continent, Tesla has long had to use the CCS plug standard, like other automakers. There, Tesla’s Supercharger network can now be used by any modern electric vehicle. In North America, meanwhile, its vehicles use a different, proprietary connector that makes opening up the Supercharger network to other vehicles much more complicated.

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Despite that, the automaker promised it would in 2021. Although it introduced a CCS connector to allow its vehicles to connect to other providers’ charging stations and allowed other automakers to use its NACS-style plug late last year, this is the first hint that CCS vehicles may soon be able to start plugging into Tesla chargers.

While the design of the charging port seen in @brandenflasch’s photos looks like the European design, the silhouette of the plug section is different. That may be to allow the plug to be a two-in-one with a single cable leading to a slim Tesla connector, which could nest inside a bulkier CCS connector.

While it’s not certain that that is what’s going on here, another Twitter user, @haydensawyer14, posted a photo showing a supercharger in LA as being CCS compatible. Unfortunately, another user went to the location, but could find no evidence of this compatibility.

Still, this activity on the Tesla app is leading to speculation in the Tesla community that a “Magic Dock” is coming soon.


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