Tesla Cybertruck Is “Very Close To Production,” Musk Says


A near-production Tesla Cybertruck prototype has been filmed out and about on the road as it slowly inches closer to a market launch.

The design of the Cybertruck shocked the world when it debuted back in late 2019 and despite being very unconventional, we can see that the production model will look very similar to the concept but it does appear slightly smaller.

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This video of the Cybertruck uploaded to Instagram shows the prototype with the same redesigned rear taillights as we saw on a prototype back in late October. As such, we can see that the EV will have small horizontal lights at the corners of the tailgate that will remain illuminated when the vehicle is turned on. Located directly beneath these lights are small square-shaped brake lights. The rest of the tailgate is blacked-out.

Curiously, the prototype we saw last year had a full-width light bar as well as a third brake light in the center. It’s unclear if this Cybertruck has the same light configuration or if Tesla has altered the design. The fact that the individual driving the Tesla failed to indicate when to turn also means we can’t see the turn signals in action.

Another interesting aspect of this Cybertruck is the wing mirrors. They are triangular in shape and different than the mirrors we’ve seen on other prototypes. Elon Musk recently responded to this video when it was shared on Twitter, noting that it still has many tweaks to make but that the prototype spotted is “very close to production design.” He added that the mirrors will be removable.

After a series of delays, production of the Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled to commence this summer but volume production will not start until 2024. We expect to learn more about the trucks’ final powertrain specifications and pricing as the summer approaches.

 Tesla Cybertruck Is “Very Close To Production,” Musk Says


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