Tesla Model 3 Converted To A Time Attack Monster With Gigantic Aero


California-based tuner Unplugged Performance revealed the “Bioniq Phoenix”, a Tesla Model 3 that has been converted to a time attack monster.

The new racecar was based on the EV that crashed during Pikes Peak practice back in 2020. Despite the extensive damage from the accident, the model has been fully rebuilt with even more aggressive aero, a central seating position, and more power from the electric powertrain making it faster around the track.

At first glance, the heavily modified Tesla looks like some crazy rendering. The carbon-fiber front splitter is one of the largest we have ever seen, making the EV perfect for snow removal. Jokes aside, the bespoke aero components on the Bioniq Phoenix are responsible for producing more than 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg) of downforce, keeping the Model 3 glued to the ground.

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As we can see from the photos published on Instagram by racing driver Craig Coker, the entire front end has been replaced by a fully enclosed fascia without any bumper intakes. The model features ultra-wide front and rear fenders, a vented bonnet, covered headlights, and a massive rear wing mounted on the tailgate. The 19-inch UP-03 forged alloy wheels are 13-inch wide, shod in racing slicks by Yokohama Tires.

The aero, which is more impressive than Unplugged Performance’s own Tesla Model S, is made of dry carbon for weight-saving reasons, just like a big portion of the bodywork including the doors. In total, the Bioniq Phoenix weighs around 200 lbs (90 kg) less than a stock Tesla Model 3. Unplugged Performance has actually removed 550 lbs (250 kg) of weight from the car but the steel cage, chassis modifications, and extreme bodykit added some of it back. This is evident if you look at the completely stripped-off interior which has been converted to a single-seater with a central driving position.

The company didn’t reveal the power output or the performance figures of the track-prepped Tesla but it should be blistering fast. The Bioniq Phoenix will participate in motorsport events at different tracks, starting from the Buttonwillow Raceway. Below you can watch a short video from the official Instagram page of Unplugged Performance.

Photo Credit: Craig Coker


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