Tesla Model 3 Dives Into Flood Waters, Elon Musk Isn’t Concerned


Intentionally driving through flood waters is never a good idea, yet that’s exactly what the owner of this Tesla Model 3 did.

This clip was recently shared to Twitter by Whole Mars Catalog, a page dedicated to sharing everything Tesla-related and relentlessly praising Elon Musk at every opportunity.

In the video, which was filmed during an interview for a local news channel, a white Tesla Model 3 quickly approaches an area of flood water, much to the amusement of onlookers who witnessed the whole thing.

“What is this lady doing,” one man can be heard saying as the Model 3 cruises through the knee-deep water. At one stage, the driver makes a left turn but isn’t able to complete the turn before having to stop to avoid hitting a traffic light pole. She then reverses and continues on her merry way, leaving the flood waters with seemingly no damage.

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There’s no doubt that electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 can more easily drive through deep water than combustion-powered cars because of the lack of a traditional engine. However, that doesn’t mean driving a Tesla through flood waters is a good idea.

In typical Elon Musk style, he retweeted the video with the caption “The Car Aquatic,” completely downplaying the risks of attempting to do something like this in a Tesla. Musk’s tweet may even encourage other Tesla and EV owners to think that they can drive through deep water.

Indeed, at least one of Musk’s followers posted a Tweet reading, “Hey Elon, is this Tesla 100% safe in doing this?” Let me answer that. No, it is not 100 per cent safe. It’s not safe at all.


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