Tesla Model Y Driver Caught Sleeping At Highway Speeds


The driver of a white Tesla Model Y has been filmed seemingly asleep at the wheel of the EV while traveling along a highway in California.

Footage of the female driver was captured by a fellow motorist on the 15 Freeway near Temecula. She can be seen slumped back in the driver’s seat, wearing a pair of sunglasses, and presumably sound asleep.

Speaking to KTLA5, Kiki Dolas and her partner who captured the footage, said they were following the Model 3 for approximately 15 minutes, repeatedly honking at the woman in an attempt to wake her up.

“She had her sunglasses on. She was slouched down,” Dolas told local media. “We started honking to try to get her attention because maybe she’s having a health emergency or something. I really wasn’t sure. So we couldn’t get her attention, the traffic is getting thicker and thicker so I said, ‘You know what? Let me call 911.’”

The California Highway Patrol caught up to the woman roughly two minutes after being dispatched. By that time, the woman was found awake.

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Evidently, the Tesla had its Autopilot system enabled at the time. It is unclear if this Model Y is also outfitted with the Full-Self Driving feature that Tesla also sells.

“It is illegal [to sleep behind the wheel] and motorists have to realize that they have to be awake, conscious and sober so they can take control of the vehicle,” Officer Mike Lassig of the California Highway Patrol noted.

“I do have five children,” Dolas added. “I am a grandma and I believe in safe driving and I know that even with Autopilot, that’s just to enhance driving, not to take a whole nap on the freeway during rush hour. Absolutely not.”


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