The i4 M50 Was BMW M’s Best Seller In A Record Breaking 2022


BMW M GmbH announced today that it sold more vehicles in 2022 than it has in any year before. Moreover, the future of the brand looks secure, because its sales leader was an electric vehicle.

“The best-selling BMW M automobile of 2022 is the all-electric BMW i4 M50,” says Timo Resch, Head of Customer, Brand and Sales at BMW M GmbH. “For us, this is a clear signal that the unique M feeling has arrived in the world of electrified vehicles.”

The all-electric sedan is powered by motors at the front and rear axles that combine to produce 536 hp (400 kW/544 PS). In addition to its ample power, the M suspension was tuned to be dynamic, agile, and precise, the company says.

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 The i4 M50 Was BMW M’s Best Seller In A Record Breaking 2022

The i4 M50 helped lead the high-performance department into its best year of all time. BMW M GmbH sold 177,257 vehicles in 2022, which is 8.4 percent more than it managed in 2021.

The M division was propelled by the fact that 2022 marked its 50th anniversary, giving it opportunities to produce special-edition products. That meant that the year was also an important one for its internal combustion vehicles. The brand introduced both the M2, with its six-speed manual transmission, and the M3 Touring, which adds a degree of practicality to the legend, over the last 12 months.

“The enthusiasm of the M community for emotionally powerful performance on the road and on the racetrack has carried us through the entire anniversary year,” says Franciscus van Meel, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW M GmbH. “This is also expressed in a new sales record for BMW M automobiles, which gives us a positive outlook for 2023.”

Americans were the brand’s most ardent customers, with the enthusiasts in Germany and the U.K. being its second- and third-most eager buyers.

 The i4 M50 Was BMW M’s Best Seller In A Record Breaking 2022


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