Volvo And Qualcomm Pushing To Increase Revenue Through Subscription Features


Volvo will work with Qualcomm to offer new subscription features in the all-electric EX90 SUV as well as other future models.

Speaking with Auto News Europe, the head of product definition and partner management at Volvo, Martin Kristensson, said the car manufacturer needs to explore new software-driven revenue streams as cars now last longer.

“We will see cars that need to last longer and more of the value is driven by software, so we will need to find new business,” Kristensson said at CES 2023. “Certainly, there is an opportunity for subscriptions for some of features in the vehicle.”

 Volvo And Qualcomm Pushing To Increase Revenue Through Subscription Features

Kristensson noted that the EX90 is Volvo’s first vehicle where new features can be added over time. A number of features could also be monetized over time, including audio content, digital services, and navigation content.

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“What we can monetize are things that go above and beyond — both car-centric functions like automatic parking and also digital services,” he said. “Autonomy is time-saving, and time is the most precious resource. If I can save half a day more, that is probably very valuable for you,” noting that the carmaker could charge for hands-free driving systems.

Speaking at the same media event during CES 2023, head of Qualcomm’s Digital Cockpit automotive product, Mark Granger, noted that the car industry is reaching the same tipping point as smartphones did when they could be frequently updated with new software and apps. The Android operating system used by the EX90 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SA8155 chip.

“We can do so much more in the cockpit. We can innovate and bring new features over the lifetime of the vehicle,” he said.


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