Volvo CEO Confirms EX30 Small Electric SUV Debut For This June


According to Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Cars, the upcoming EX30 will debut on June 15, and go into production before the end of 2023. Volvo hopes that the smallest member of its future EV range will help them expand to a younger demographic, thanks to its more affordable price tag.

The Volvo EX30 made its first appearance in a short teaser last November alongside the EX90 flagship, with the CEO revealing more about it last December. In a new interview with the Australian website CarSales, Jim Rowan confirmed the debut of this “really important” model, giving away extra bits and pieces of information.

Rowan repeated that the EX30 will be offered at a “really nice price point” but it will also be “very safe” with a “decent range”, and a “good size”, positioned below the slightly larger XC40. This correlates with his previous remarks promising “top safety equipment, a fantastic ride, and high quality” for the new entry-level SUV.

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 Volvo CEO Confirms EX30 Small Electric SUV Debut For This June

The Volvo EX30 (left) photographed next to the EX90 (right). Notice the difference in footrpint and the similar split LED taillights.

The CEO suggests that Volvo’s age demographic is “a lot older” than they would like and that the new offering will help them bring “some more younger people into the brand”. Thus, the EX30 will be sold online and propose subscription-based ownership with a three-month commitment that could further reduce the average age of Volvo drivers.

The Volvo EX30 will be produced in China and offer different battery pack options to choose from. Chances are it will ride on the smaller version of Geely’s modular SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform, which also underpins the likely similarly-sized smart #1.

Volvo has pledged to go EV-only on a global scale by 2030 which means that by then, all of its ICE-powered models will be discontinued. Speaking about the future of electrification, Volvo’s CEO suggested that once the charging infrastructure is there, they will be able to use smaller batteries which cost and weigh less than the current large-capacity battery packs.

 Volvo CEO Confirms EX30 Small Electric SUV Debut For This June


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