Volvo Working On New S60 And S90 Electric Sedans, Says Report


This story contains illustrations created by digital artist Theottle that are neither related to nor endorsed by Volvo.

While many automakers have discontinued sedan models from their lineup – especially in the European and North American markets – it appears that Volvo still has faith in the traditional three-box bodystyle. According to the latest reports, Volvo’s future lineup will include two fully electric sedans, alongside plenty of SUVs and a minivan.

As reported by Reuters citing insider sources, Volvo is working on EV successors for both the S60 and the S90 sedans, despite earlier rumors about an uncertain future due to slow sales. The electric sedans are rumored to be among the at least six upcoming EV launches by 2026, helping Volvo become an EV-only automaker by 2030.

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 Volvo Working On New S60 And S90 Electric Sedans, Says Report

The first of the next-generation EVs by Volvo is the EX90 SUV flagship that debuted in November 2022 and is expected to arrive in the US market in early 2024. It will be closely followed by the already confirmed EX30 entry-level SUV set to debut in June 2023. The next step is the electric successors of the XC40, XC60, S60, and S90, alongside a minivan that will reportedly be based on the Zeekr 009. The technical base of the high-end models will be the SPA2 architecture, while others will be based on Geely’s modular SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform.

It is believed that the new generation of Volvo EVs will follow the evolved but still minimalist design language that was introduced by the EX90. This means that the sedans could look a lot like the renderings created by independent digital artist Theottle that accompany this story. The only model that might deviate from that rule is the luxurious minivan, with Reuter’s sources suggesting it will integrate flashier styling cues including an illuminated grille that will have a greater appeal to Chinese customers.

Last year, Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson revealed that the company will not abandon the S (sedan) and V (wagon) lines, adding that the current models will be “replaced with something even more attractive to customers”. He added that Volvo still needs “lower cars with a more conventional body size” and described the shape of the future sedan/estates as “a little less square” for better aerodynamics.

Development work for the minivan and the two sedans is rumored to take place at the Shanghai research and development hub. This makes sense as sedans and minivans are more popular in Asian markets. Furthermore, the facilities in China have recently tripled their design-related workforce to 60 people and moved into new and larger buildings.

 Volvo Working On New S60 And S90 Electric Sedans, Says Report


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